Friday, November 12, 2010

Our designs at Zazzle

Last few weeks I was thinking about my work and design. I love leather, and I love manufacturing things of leather, but not all people like leather as a material, and lot of people don't use keychains at all.
They maybe like our designs and drawings, but they have no products in our Etsy store that the may need or want. For them I created our Zazzle store, and adapted our designs to be printed on various products: shirts, mugs, mousepads, cards etc...
Visit our Zazzle store, and maybe you will find something for you :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Special gift for a friend's girlfriend :)

Few days ago, our very good friend come into our workshop, and while chatting he told us that he has an idea for product, if we could make it for him. 
Actually, his girlfriend had a birthday, and he wanted a very special and unique gift to her. She is a lemur lover and they are her favorite animal. My wife immediately liked the idea and started thinking about it. Just few days later, after lots of drawings and sketches, she made this adorable creation, which I wish to share with you all:

When the birthday came we were very excited, and waiting if she will like this keyring. Should I tell you that it was a love at first sight? 
Till today, this is still one of my wifes favorite creations.