Friday, April 8, 2011

FREE Easter Egg Holder In A Shape Of Rabbit :)

It is spring, and we are in good mood. Also, Easter is coming, and we are preparing for it, to celebrate with our kids. As every year, we will color eggs, paint them and make decorations. Here is one decoration that you can use and easy make with your kids.

It is absolutely FREE for use. You just need to download the file in PDF format, and print it. If you can not open it, you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free on Adobe site.
You are able to print as many copies as you wish, you are also able to share with your friends, to make copies, but, please, do not edit or change it.

Files for download:
PDF version (1.8 Mb)
ZIP version (1.5 Mb)


After you download it, you will need to print it on heavier paper. If you are not able to print on heavy paper, you can print on normal paper, and later glue it to a heavier one. Use scissors to cut parts of the rabbit. Dotted lines are lines for folding. Fold triangular part of the ring between rabbits legs, and form a ring which will hold the Easter egg.

On the photo you can see how it looks finished. I'm sorry, but we didn't painted eggs yet, so I put regular one :)

We wish you Happy Easter, and have fun with our pattern :)

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Monday, April 4, 2011

New product - iPhone Leather Case

Not so long ago, we decided to create leather cases for iPhone 4. We choose iPhone 4 since it is newest model at the moment, and also same case will fit for iPod Touch.

Case is made of 100% leather, with the credit card pocket on back side.
In front site we applied some of our keychain animal designs, and they look great. Stitches will not scratch your phone, since we put leather from inside to cover all stitches :)

We are able to make those cases for iPhone 3G/3GS too, just ask :)
All our iPhone cases (and more) you can see at our Leather cases section of our Etsy shop. If you don't like offered design, you can browse our Leather Keychain section to find some of animal designs that you like more :)

And, of course, here are some photos :)

iPhone leather case with red hot chilly pepper designiPhone leather case with ninja designiPhone leather case with football designiPod leather case with credit card pocket