Thursday, September 29, 2011

500 Hearts !!! Finally !!!

After waiting for a long, long time, we finally reached 500th heart for our Etsy shop.
That is really amazing feeling!!!
When we started our shop, more than two years ago, I was often "jealous" when I saw shop that has 100 or more hearts :) That looked so far goal, but today we are very happy, knowing that there are at least 500 people who like and suppoort our work.
Thank you all!!!!!!
Your support means so much to us :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We were on Goocha festival :)

Few days ago we came back from wonderful Guča (Goocha) trumpet festival, where we were selling our handmade leather goods.

Guča is small town in Serbia. It is famous by its yearly trumpet festival, also known as Dragačevo Assembly. This year more than 600.000 visitors from all over the world visited this small town to be a part of this "trumpet madness". Due the 51 years Guča festival became one of  must visit music festivals, and we invite you to visit official pages of Guča festival to feel the atmosphere :)
Complete history of Guča festival, you can read on its Wiki page.
Hope that, after visiting those pages you will decide to meet us next year on this fantastic incredible festival. If you visit this festival once, we are sure that you will come back every year :)

We had a great time there, and we met a lot of interesting happy people :) We wish to thank to all the people that visited this festival, and our stand. Also, we invite you all to visit this festival next year, and to meet us on our stand (we are selling there on special discounted festival prices :)

And, here is the picture of our stand there:

aaaand another one :)

also, on this video you can see how it looks from our point of view (behind the stand :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

FREE Easter Egg Holder In A Shape Of Rabbit :)

It is spring, and we are in good mood. Also, Easter is coming, and we are preparing for it, to celebrate with our kids. As every year, we will color eggs, paint them and make decorations. Here is one decoration that you can use and easy make with your kids.

It is absolutely FREE for use. You just need to download the file in PDF format, and print it. If you can not open it, you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free on Adobe site.
You are able to print as many copies as you wish, you are also able to share with your friends, to make copies, but, please, do not edit or change it.

Files for download:
PDF version (1.8 Mb)
ZIP version (1.5 Mb)


After you download it, you will need to print it on heavier paper. If you are not able to print on heavy paper, you can print on normal paper, and later glue it to a heavier one. Use scissors to cut parts of the rabbit. Dotted lines are lines for folding. Fold triangular part of the ring between rabbits legs, and form a ring which will hold the Easter egg.

On the photo you can see how it looks finished. I'm sorry, but we didn't painted eggs yet, so I put regular one :)

We wish you Happy Easter, and have fun with our pattern :)

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Monday, April 4, 2011

New product - iPhone Leather Case

Not so long ago, we decided to create leather cases for iPhone 4. We choose iPhone 4 since it is newest model at the moment, and also same case will fit for iPod Touch.

Case is made of 100% leather, with the credit card pocket on back side.
In front site we applied some of our keychain animal designs, and they look great. Stitches will not scratch your phone, since we put leather from inside to cover all stitches :)

We are able to make those cases for iPhone 3G/3GS too, just ask :)
All our iPhone cases (and more) you can see at our Leather cases section of our Etsy shop. If you don't like offered design, you can browse our Leather Keychain section to find some of animal designs that you like more :)

And, of course, here are some photos :)

iPhone leather case with red hot chilly pepper designiPhone leather case with ninja designiPhone leather case with football designiPod leather case with credit card pocket

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We are in The Barrel !!!

The Barrel is an wonderful online monthly magazine that gives blog reviews and has interesting, funny and, on weird occasions, helpful tidbits of info. I heard about it few weeks ago, and read all previous issues. I was very happy when they contacted me about featuring our shop in March issue,  and soooo excited when it finally came out. When I opened it, I was searching for our review, and there we are, on 36th page:

I suggest you all to go on and read newest issue of The Barrel. I'm sure that you will, just as me, read all the previous issues. There are a lot of really great blog reviews, and it is full of tips & tricks, recipes, and interesting texts. Great work. And the best thing is - IT'S FREE :)

If you like our products, you can enter our giveaway which is organized in cooperation with The Barrel, on Mellisas blog. So, don't wait, click here and test your luck

Thank you Melissa!!! Thank you The Barrel !!! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving season

We have some new moments on Etsy, and we needed to move our threadkiller game onto new location, or kill the thread forever :(

We decided to let our thread live !!! :)

It will continue its life on a new location: and the rules will be the same :)

Since I promised that we will give one keychain when thread reaches 2000th post, and this moving makes that difficult, I decided to choose winner of the keychain on 1160th post. Normally, only posts from 1001 and 1160 participated, and the winner is post No 1112 :)

And, as you can see on picture below, our winner is LisbonSky !!!

We invite all of you to join us on our new location, we will continue to play. And, normally, when the new thread reaches 1000 posts, will choose our next lucky winner :)))

Thursday, January 13, 2011

300 Hearts !!!!

Today we got our 300th heart in our Etsy shop. That makes us very happy. Thank you all for your support.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Handmade gift guide...

We just wanted to announce that we are featured on this great Handmade Gift Guide selection for Capricorns. is really great source for gift ideas. If you are hard in decisions what to buy for someones birthday, wedding, Valentine, or other occasions we suggest you to visit this very helpful blog :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Etsy Threadkiller Game - Special gift for 1000 posts :)

As I promised on our Etsy Threadkiller, here are complete statistics of first 1000 posts in our Treadkiller game.:

 # of Posts
snis  203
clayhappy 193
jacksescape 186
crazycraftfrog 176
inkwear99 74
xoxsmiley 44
LisbonSky 28
GumNutTree 18
Prettybelly17 9
momadonnas 8
kjramon 6
mikeuchi 4
StitchesOfThePast 4
saladforbraskfast 3
roseysdolltreasures 3
SweepstakeLover 2
SaagarikaCreations 2
Experience 2
archaicparadise 2
WildStitches 2
JewelryOfNote 2
PwiddyWiddoCods 2
LibertyImages 1
FindingStarlight 1
TangoBrat 1
ticc 1
lunaessence 1
LovesndKnit 1
huntress21 1
SensoryFelteds 1
thecuriouscupcake 1
KezzalCrafts 1
thepurseplace 1
Juliefoo 1
CariadClay 1
WalkingSoftly 1
cheaper2steal 1
retronoir 1
clearvintage 1
CerenaLeigh 1
YarnGraphics 1
kmdouglass 1
VividColors 1
LoreleiRose 1
BurningMoon 1
YarningAbout 1
carpebellus 1
NeverDieArt 1
PinkFlowerCube 1

Since I post most posts, the winner of free keychain is clayhappy!!! Congratulations!!!
Next keychain we will give on 2000 posts in the same Tradekiller game (if the thread doesn't die before :). Keep posting, and when we reach 2000 posts, we will choose the winner using, but only posts from 1001-2000 will participate :)

We wish you luck :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!

We would like to wish you all an Happy, Healthy and Successful New 2011. Year!!! Be Happy!!! Be Loved!!! Be In Love!!!

Santa Claus Leather Keychain
Ho Ho Ho :)