Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We are in The Barrel !!!

The Barrel is an wonderful online monthly magazine that gives blog reviews and has interesting, funny and, on weird occasions, helpful tidbits of info. I heard about it few weeks ago, and read all previous issues. I was very happy when they contacted me about featuring our shop in March issue,  and soooo excited when it finally came out. When I opened it, I was searching for our review, and there we are, on 36th page:

I suggest you all to go on and read newest issue of The Barrel. I'm sure that you will, just as me, read all the previous issues. There are a lot of really great blog reviews, and it is full of tips & tricks, recipes, and interesting texts. Great work. And the best thing is - IT'S FREE :)

If you like our products, you can enter our giveaway which is organized in cooperation with The Barrel, on Mellisas blog. So, don't wait, click here and test your luck

Thank you Melissa!!! Thank you The Barrel !!! :)

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