Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We were on Goocha festival :)

Few days ago we came back from wonderful Guča (Goocha) trumpet festival, where we were selling our handmade leather goods.

Guča is small town in Serbia. It is famous by its yearly trumpet festival, also known as Dragačevo Assembly. This year more than 600.000 visitors from all over the world visited this small town to be a part of this "trumpet madness". Due the 51 years Guča festival became one of  must visit music festivals, and we invite you to visit official pages of Guča festival to feel the atmosphere :)
Complete history of Guča festival, you can read on its Wiki page.
Hope that, after visiting those pages you will decide to meet us next year on this fantastic incredible festival. If you visit this festival once, we are sure that you will come back every year :)

We had a great time there, and we met a lot of interesting happy people :) We wish to thank to all the people that visited this festival, and our stand. Also, we invite you all to visit this festival next year, and to meet us on our stand (we are selling there on special discounted festival prices :)

And, here is the picture of our stand there:

aaaand another one :)

also, on this video you can see how it looks from our point of view (behind the stand :)

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